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Description - The players draw cards from a card supply in the middle of
the table.During the game, the players try to specialize in a
few colors, as at the end of the game, a player can score plus
points for only 3 colors; the rest score minus points. The more
cards a player has of a color, the more points he scores.
The player with the most points wins.

number of players (as stated) 3-5 (option for 2 maybe online)

ages 8 and up.

time 30 minutes

type of game -  Card Games, Set collecting

similar games - Zooloretto, space beans,  5 crowns, ticket to ride

designer  - Michael Schacht

Other games by M Schacht -   paris paris,  Zooloretto, aquaretto, industry, hansa, china

awards  Spiel des Jahres Nominee

Publisher : ABACUSSPIELE, Rio Grande

Other games by Abacus Spiele: Bang,  Gloria Mundi, worm up, Torres

other games by Rio Grande: Dominion (SPJ) Carcassonne, Race for the Galaxy, Puerto Rico, Lost Cities.

Expansion pack: available online

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